Chrome Extensions: Learning the basics, AI and more with Matt Frisbie
Hear from Google Developer Expert and author of the book Building Browser Extensions, Matt Frisbie, alongside Developer Relations Engineers Oliver Dunk and Patrick Kettner as they discuss the state of the extensions platform and what they’d like to see in the future.
Cannabinoid Connect #387: Matt Frisbie of Track &Trace Tools Tackles Metrc's Tracking Woes with Open-Source Solution
Matt Frisbie is the founder of Track & Trace Tools, the most popular open source platform in the cannabis industry. Trusted by over 1,000 companies, Track & Trace Tools is a free Chrome extension that uniquely integrates with Metrc. It allows cannabis companies to easily submit Metrc reports, gain full access to their locked-down Metrc data, and wield an unrestricted Metrc API.
Chillinois Podcast #331 - What you might expect from the Illinois switch from BioTrack to Metrc
In this episode, I speak to a guest about what the cannabis consumers and cannabis business owners might be able to expect from the switch from Biotrack to Metrc.
HOW Browser Extensions Steal Your Data | NBTV
Matt Frisbie joins Naomi Brockwell on NBTV to discuss building the world's most dangerous browser extension.
Matt Frisbie, Founder of Track & Trace Tools | Cannabis Talk 101
Matt Frisbie joins Joe and Blue on Cannabis Talk 101 to discuss Metrc and the future of the cannabis industry.
Software Engineering Radio - Matt Frisbie on Browser Extensions
Matt Frisbie, author of Building Browser Extensions, speaks with host Kanchan Shringi about browser extensions, including key areas where they’ve been successful. Based on Matt’s experience as a developer working for Google, Doordash, and a startup he founded, they examine tools for building extensions, as well as APIs they have access to. The conversation presents detailed issues such as cross-browser compatibilities to keep in mind when developing extensions and mechanisms in the browser to prevent security vulnerabilities, and finally examines how emerging platforms can help developers take advantage of exciting new possibilities with web extensions.
Data Visualization at Scale in Angular.js
Matt Frisbie discusses angular.js + d3.js to create performant data visualizations.